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IV Conference of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies (SILAS) and VIII Symposium of Irish Studies in South America (ABEI)

August 13–15 2013*

- Facultad de Ciencias Humanas,
Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina –

The Art of Movement and Transformation:
Ireland and the Americas Looking Forward

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, we are facing a socioeconomic crisis which, due to the global nature of the time we are living in, is
reaching every corner of the world. In their multiple expressions, the Social
Sciences, Humanities, Politics, Economics, Journalism and Media Studies, as
well as Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies are being affected and trying
to creatively respond to the crisis.
Crises also contribute to the weakening of borders, across which many people
choose to move in search of improved conditions of life and the pursuit of
personal dreams. Migration processes play a crucial role in critical world
scenarios, as they are propelled by the hopes of those who leave and also resignified by those who stay behind. National borders, however, are not the only
ones we dare to cross; there are also class, race and gender barriers that are in
the process of fading or of being dismantled and erased. In every crisis, then,
there is opportunity and, in every opportunity, the chance for the art of
movement and transformation to be enacted.
In times of crisis, what and how do we learn from History and from the visions
of our predecessors? How does revisiting the past inform the ways in which we
look forward?
What do societies do to find relief in threatening environments? How do
individuals respond at the personal level? Is there room for hope, dreams and
pleasure? What are the visions and illusions that we have regarding our future?
How can they configure utopias, heterotopias or dystopias?
In the first century of the new millennium, what is the mission of those
responsible for the world’s future and how is the world’s population affected
by those decisions?
How do we creatively react to the movement and transformation of our times?
How do we present and represent both personal and communal crises along
spatial and temporal axes? How do the realities we live in, and the borders we
cross, shape diverse spaces, places, or non-places? How do our representations
compare with those in similar situations in the past?
* * * * * *

The keynote speakers that have confirmed their participation
in the Conference/ Symposium are:

Dermot Keogh (University College, Cork, Ireland) History
and Civilization. Liam Harte (University of Manchester, England) Irish
Modern Literature, Irish Migration Studies.
Maureen Murphy (Hofstra University, New York-ACIS)
Teaching Literature, Irish Studies.
María Filomena Louro (University of Minho, Braga,
Portugal. (EFACIS) Irish Theatre, Translation Studies.
Guest Writer: Colum McCann (award-winning author of six
novels and two collections of short-stories).
Lance Pettit (St Mary’s University College, Twickenham,
London, England) Irish film and television, Cultural
Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Irish film director.
This multi -, inter-, and cross -disciplinary conference and symposium aims at
providing a ground on which to discuss all the possible answers to the
questions above at the crossroads between Ireland, Iberia and the Americas.
We invite the submission of summaries of papers or posters covering the
following study areas:
Ireland and the Americas in times of crisis: Common views or different
Learning from History: Revisiting the visions of our predecessors
Communal visions of the future: Utopias, heterotopias and dystopias.
Personal hopes, dreams and pleasure
The new missions of the twenty-first century
Movement and transformation: Space, place, and non-places; borders
and migration
The representation of crisis, movement and transformation in Ireland
and the Americas
Fields of the Conference/ Symposium
Language and Literary Studies
Inter/multi-cultural Studies
Translation Studies,
Media and Communication Studies
Visual Arts
History, Geography and Migration Studies
Gender Studies Sexuality Studies
Economics, Sociology and Anthropology
Types of presentations:
20-minute Paper: A paper shows the results of research, analysis or reflection. If
you choose this type of presentation, please submit a narrative summary
providing a clear understanding of the presentation’s content and an accurate
outline of the way in which it will be structured (maximum 300 words).
Poster: A poster is a visual presentation that contains an outline summarising
or illustrating the results of research, analysis or reflection. If you choose this
type of presentation, please submit a clear summary of the key ideas in your
poster (maximum 75 words).

The submission form must contain the following fields:

• Title of Applicant Presenter
• First Name of Applicant
• Surname of Applicant
• Institution and Country of Applicant
• Email of Applicant
• Brief biographical data of applicant - 150 words maximum
• Type of presentation: paper / poster
• Title of Presentation
• Summary - 300 words máximum/75 words maximum
Date: Wednesday August 13th to Thru 15th 2013
Venue: Facultad de Ciencias Humanas (UNLPam),
Sede Santa Rosa, Cnel. Gil 353 2° floor
The languages of the conference are Spanish, English, Irish, and Portuguese.
The language of the submission piece is the language of the presentation.
Only abstracts submitted through our submission form will be considered.

María Graciela Eliggi
Clíona Murphy
Laura Izarra.
Local Organizing Committee:
María Graciela Eliggi Griselda Beatriz Gugliara
María Graciela Adamoli Liliana Inés Monserrat
Norma Liliana Alfonso Natalia Muguiro Graciela Obert Enrique Alejandro Basabe
Miriam Patricia Germani María Cristina Nin
María Elena Pérez Bustillo María Isabel Arriaga
Academic Committee:
Laura Izarra (USP, Brazil, ABEI, SILAS)
María Graciela Eliggi (UNLPam, Argentina, SILAS)
María Graciela Adamoli (UNLPam, Argentina, SILAS)
Munira Mutran (USP, Brazil, ABEI)
Cliona Murphy (California State University, USA, SILAS)
Jean-Philippe Imbert (DCU, Ireland, SILAS)
María Eugenia Cruset (UNLP, Argentina, SILAS)
Stella Maris Shmitte (UNLPam, Argentina)
Beatriz Kopschitz X. Bastos (ABEI, Brazil)
Extended Deadlines:
Abstracts to be submitted: Friday March 29th 2013
Acceptance confirmation: Friday April 12th 2013
Please send your summary to:

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